The Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind: Tips And Tactics

If you earn money in the game honest way, that is, you will pave, collect and sell, and did not comply with the payment plagments and did not hacked the ARTMoney toy..
Pass with the mind! If not noticed, then when transferring to a new level against some of the main characteristics are * 2, * 3, * 5. When transferring, you can only raise three characteristics. If we consider the skills in the menu, then there are windows with a description of the skill, in particular, the main characteristic appears.
Accordingly, Nada increases only the skills corresponding to the three inevitable to you the main characteristics. Personally, I had such a situation when I had a block 5 of the color characteristics * 5. It was a shame.
Beginning already once again play / Now the archiconika retirement is already /, so to 24 levels I have almost all the characteristics on the hundred.

And from heavy armor, it is necessary to chain the panama of the WILL key (+30 to attractiveness), to trade and persuade immediately it becomes easier, and the orders in Vivec have a cooler cease

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