The Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind: Tips And Tactics

Why do you need a scroll broken locks of Ekash!? We find the governor in Suran and download safety! Pumping it up to the maximum, buying my bars and no scrolls do not need any scrolls.

We want to get a lot of Dedric and Dwarf weapons? I find some Daedron Sanctuary, and we will turn away there, but I do not take from the sanctuary of the drag. Stones and persist. Preserved, community pebbles. Dormora will appear. I swallow him, we will not find the right weapon? Load the savings and again with a dormar! He will have a new weapon every time. So I scored Daedron. Dajaitan, Clamore, Falls, Toporas, Sequir, Cortish and Long Blast and T. D.

In the villa of Drain, not only you watched the scumbags at the top, but at the bottom there are doors with a high level of castle. Hacking them, key climbing glasses. Dagger (easy) and conventional chests, cabinets, boxes. As a result, I type 10,000 grand best plus a ton of drag. Stones and weapons.

In one of the katol drenna, you will climb a woman at the top, we will remove the dwelling armor from it (except for the helmet, however, but with a shield).

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