The Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind: Tips And Tactics

The most dead place in Morrowind is not in the log of Dagot Hur. To the north of Tel Branora there is an estate of the Telvanny necromancer, called Mavia. In the corridor, spanking sticks with turtles. But in return on the building there are many powerful weapons (daederic too). The owner of the “Funeral Bureau” itself has a sword for 10,000. Writing “Sh…..”. For sure forgot.

Want to become the leadership of the thieves and fighters guild? You can try. The problem is that Jim Stacy will give an order to kill the claring of tougher, and the second, in turn at the first. To begin with, the title of Guardian and Mother. Then get the task of the Correction of the Killing Three Jim’s Comracy. Kill them, remembering the “Tai” and “ResurRect” codes. You can also turn this thing with Mr. Stacy (notice, the most humane name and surname). Czhboring will thank you for the first mission and confuses the second, ungrateful!!!!!! Kill him and can not restore. Returning to Jim and get the key of the skeleton. …as well as the title of Master and Master of Business.

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