The Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind: Tips And Tactics

Many in the game complain that they have a small power parameter. And some things require a lot of such. Even by the development of up to 100, you will have no more than 500 points. I have more three times in the game glasses, that is, 1500 points (+ / – 20 points, I do not remember exactly). How to do it? Easily! Enchanted things, it is very simple. Afraid to smoke yourself? – Ask other magicians. Well, proceed. To begin with, type the coolest camphones of the shower (but so that there is no soul in them!!!). Then you should have a lot of money. And so, you have a lot of money, many stones shower. (and, suppose you are completely dressed – both shirt, and kiras, and the gun, and the shield, and the belt, the belt, by the way, will very much). Then go to the MAG, which sells a scroll challenge of the Golden Tstoshi and a scroll of the conclusion of Freiggy stones. Now we go to any place spacious, we call the sacrais, spell it with a feed. If you have an inscription you captured the soul after the murder of the sacrament – then you did everything right. Lover your inventory – there is one of your super – Stone Power now costs 80,000.

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