The Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind: Tips And Tactics

For those who like to comply with the rules of a civilized society. Money must be mined culturally. We buy in the guild of magicians spell calling spears. Letim in Aldruun. Perform quests Mages Guild. When they are sent to the hut. Letim in Vivec. Crash to the temple. Enter the temple and get a task. Before the temple, we buy a discounted levitation potion and attend the Altar of the Moon immediately at the corner near the temple. Half a day of fast flight we have. Letim in Aldruun. Blook in Mahar-Gan. Fly to hulin hut and immediately hang under the ceiling. We call on a spear, on the distance from the top of the brake ruffle and save the feeder below. Return to Aldruun and report. We get amulets return and fly to Vivek. We repeat the ritual with potion and fly to the north-north. Ruins of Ald-Honeycomb. Fly and hang under the ceiling. Straight and right and right. We are driving from the shelling of Dremoro and Ralm like a boam. Minimum money 300, maximum 90000. Sell a bemp in the caldera on the second floor of the mountain. After exiting the ruins of the Dormor, it will appear again and the process is repeated. Sometimes duratrot appears instead of dormra – to nail and continue.

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