The Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind: Tips And Tactics

Crow fraud recipe.

Code “claymore_chrysamere_unique”
Characteristics: Type: long blade, two-handed (brain)
Damage: Rubbed: 5-70
Cutting: 5-60
King: 5-40
Weight: 60
Effect when using:
Fire resistance 5 in 20%, on yourself
Restore health 5 in 20%, on yourself
Reflection 5 at 20% for 30 seconds
Location: Abanaby Cave (south-west of the Eastern Sitting Moray)

So, so, inlaim the potion (or better by the spell) of water breathing (you can dial more fungi-cheesegles, but it is for those who are developed alchemy). We find this cave. The complexity is only in Fire Atronarch, but it can be accessed with invisibility or distract its attention to caused by creature. Further waiting until this aunt gets a sword and hesifies you. Jump into the water, just look so that she jumped by you. Dive on the very depth (do not forget about water breath). She will end the air, and she will pop up. Dive so that, poppy, it is stuck and suffocated.

P.FROM. in Balmore, on the streets, full of boxes, if they tick out of them – no one is offended. Usually there is every little thing, but you can find and useful things.

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