The Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind: Tips And Tactics

Council to lovers to make clothes and beige. Suppose you were allotted in an honest duel at Umbra Sword and went to twist bone lords. Only all this is garbage. Because Nada be easier, and therefore, more practical 🙂
Firstly. Not every race is inclined to wave a two-handed sword: For some, it is too large a luxury. Such characters are easier to join the guild of magicians / all the more so that if the powers are small, there is a big tendency to magic / and, by completing the tasks for the ranks, to get the Dedric Knife ‘drinking soul’ / total 9.00 weighs /. At the same time, it is possible to raise the reputation, which is also not bad at all, it is useful.
Secondly. Why pre-make the belt with a scam and other grains or evil spirits when the wetrafel is all good runs / climbs / flies the number seeking infinity :))
Thirdly. If you visit the caves of gangsters / smugglers, then besides the whiskers and lunar sugar in their bins can detect stones shower. And on the budget, large or very large. Only these pebbles make it possible to enter into valuable souls with the greatest efficiency. And only the Great Stones with Wildlife Dusk / Golden sacraments allow you to have a permanent effect / What has been said here more than once /. Suppose slippers, dried on permanent light, much more practical, because hands for magic are free 🙂
Well, if you are afraid to mash with the golden holy, then pump the appropriate skill to 40, you can already kill with 1-2 blows 🙂

PS: if you have eyes heads, hands rumbling, and you strive to put more than you can carry, take, for example, the spell of the ornoe. Checked, you can carry even half of the full load

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