The Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind: Tips And Tactics

Want to quickly pump good luck? Everyone knows that this characteristic is very difficult to develop. But there is a way to raise it to hundreds already by the 31st level.
1) When creating a character in the main characteristics, select Luck, it will already initially give +10 points.
2) When pumping, do not forget to raise it, it is necessary to do it from the very beginning and all the time with each transition to the level. With the characteristic “Good luck”, not a single skill is connected, so you will have to raise it only one item for the level. But, as you know, the water is sharpened, and already by the 31st level, “good luck” you have accumulated 80 points.
3) And finally, use a bitter bowl to increase this feature. If you drink from it, it increases the highest characteristic 20 points and lowers 20 points the lowest low.
So, to raise good luck, it should be the highest of all characteristics. Most likely, you have the highest, something else. Then it should be done like this: enchant some thing to increase the characteristics of “luck” with a constant effect so that it exceeds all other characteristics (you can and more than a hundred). And voila – as soon as you dry out this container, get the addition of good luck to 20 points (if it were downloaded in the usual way, you would need to rise to 20 levels), and ultimately it will become equal to 100 ! A victim other characteristic can be easily restored after 4 levels.
Description where to find it if someone does not know, I think somewhere here, on this site or in forums. I’m too lazy to write, I just say that it is difficult to get it, she lies in a daederic sanctuary on the islands, where it is guarded by a skeleton-combat magazine with an artifact ring “Vampire Ring” (a stupid, but this is a ring, I tell you). And it is not easy to get a bitter bowl because this skeleton can easily send you to the above-mentioned rings (and he depends deftly), so it is necessary to be careful and still in the company he wanders a very unpleasant corpse that coats your “power” (It is best to increase on yourself constantly or temporarily during the battle, 100% of the resistance of magic or reflection, otherwise you will have to be tight).
But the result is worth ! Count “Good luck” 100% ! After all, luck affects everything for every action. As an illustration of the miraculous effect of good luck, I will give an example: if you have passed the tribunal, you probably met with a kind of dude, who kicked my grandmother. So in comparison with this guy Dagot Ur rests. He is some kind of hard. Most likely to kill him succeeds in some cunning. One of the reasons for such incredible advancement is one of his ability, which provides him with a lot of luck, if not mistaken – just 100%.!!!
P.FROM. If you do not want to engage in the cuffs, you can simply use the bitter bowl at any time, not necessarily pumping good luck. After all, you have a hard-looking characteristic at the same time, and the easily mind. There is a direct benefit. Perhaps the bitter bowl for this and conceived by the developers.

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