The Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind: Tips And Tactics

So, today I will tell you, dear Mordovyda, as with the help of a cunning skill of alchemy to become practically God of Morra (although many will consider this way slightly readable).
So, Nalcariya from the White Harbor (she in Balmore) raise the attitude up to 100, then (as someone has already spoken) the purchase and sale of Milk Kwam and the skins of Alita we seek the effect of “bunch of ingredients”, gaining such a dark (desirable about 2000 Each Ingreda), All of them are cooking, we get resistance to poisons, cook until alchemy becomes 100 (if the intellect is small, then it is nothing, alchemy is based on it, and when it pumping it, I managed to raise it up to a hundred, and even on the road 9 Levels from the first), then talking with this Nalcaria (it is desirable to cook straight near it, although you are unlikely to lose weight with such a luggage), in the item to trade, fold magic. We do not sell anything. This conversation is needed that she (Nalkaria) sorted our potions in the inventory (God you will notice to look into the inventory to this procedure), then throw out these potions from yourself (for selling them – the masochist occupation, given the fact that Nalcaria has only 3000 gold)and rapidly shaky in the world in search of skin net and ash battles. Cooking pieces of 5-10 potions of intelligence (from the batta and nonsense) and drink, then 5-10 and so on, until our intelligence has become like a brain from NATSA advertising, t.E. stop when the ingredients will end. Example: Intipat – more than 20 000 000 000, in pocket 15-20 potions Intellect increases 10 000 000 000 Almost forever. With such an intellect, cook any potion on our taste (carefully! With increasing force to such a hyperssel, risks to fight the handcap after the first sword sword). So, you may have about 15-20 billion pockets. Carriage.

With Algia, it seems like everything, then, proceed to learning TES COP. We are looking for in the Morra folder TES design set, let’s start, click the file-date files, double click on Morru.EUM (if hunting to connect to the case the resources of Bladmune or tribe – also double them), we prompted us with crosses and wait until it is loaded. Next, I choose the desired location (preferably not the interior), let’s say Volvereh Hall (they are all but new, in English) and Double Click. We are waiting, then we climb into the Enchanting tab (Enchanting) in the Bewish of Windows, Right click and New. Select Cast Type-type Char (I recommend a constant effect) and the necessary effects-maximum eight. Then the effect parameters (if the constants hit zipper, then fry only you) and, finally, (although you can do it first) ID of your char. I would advise you to set before id “__”, then it will be easier to look for, Iyi write in English, so reliable. Finish Enchant, go to the Wapon (Armor) fold, click on the name- sort by name and look for a clothes, the appearance of which suits your requests, double click on it, and we are in its properties if you want to change something- take the dictionary, here I do not explain everything. Change Idi’s clothes (if you want to smoke, I will say, indorils helmet, I do not change the desired Enchant from all the orders, and everyone will have a new “artifact”). If you want – name. We climb into the Enchanting tab and choose your. After all changes, clean the script field and click Save. Editor Mucks up, if you wish to create a new object, or change the idi of the old, click Yes Aka Yes. After that, pull out your item in the game where you please. Button F – so that the clothes fell to the nearest obstacle below. then file-save and file name. Do not change the save path. Next Morrowind Launcher-Button Files and put the cross on vs. Our file.

What to do I recommend:
Restoration of magic, fatigue and health.
Bots-Waying of acrobatics 500-1000 and slowing down 1-3 points.
Increased good luck and main skills of aka.
Increasing the attack and kick something with a vulnerability to this well-to-weapon. If the melee weapon is better not to make the spells remote, you can suffer.

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