The Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion: Tips And Tactics

Second Council How to Be God.
Also with the help of chameleon. When you need to have onions and a couple of arrows. Persist before closing the gate of Oblivion. We take a Sigil stone (or as it is still there) and look at its properties. It is necessary that the properties have a chameleon at least 15%. If the properties are completely different, then we will load the properties again until we find the right. After the closure of the gate we go into some closed space, to the house, for example. I advise the schedule to put on the minimum, as it will slow down. Take the bow (no matter what), clamp a shot until you stop, press the TAB (inventory), click on the quiver two times with the left button, and then twice the left with SHIFT, throw away the Sigil Stone and only after that we close the inventory. And now hundreds of five stones scatter around the room. The game will slow down, but you can collect stones. The smaller the stones remain the less to brake. When we bring the stones to enchant items so that chameleon is on hundred or more. Wear the enchanted items and no one sees you!

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