The Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion: Tips And Tactics

I can get the sword of Umbra at the first level!
Umbra (Shadow)
Type: Blade (one-handed)
Damage: 17-33
Weight: 45
Impact effect:
Conclusion by 120s.
Location: Isleid ruins of Bindail (from the imperial city to the west, on the bridge, and then on the way to the south), the blade owns Umbra, she is beceptive
Note: This sword is part of the timeline setting (T. E. If you do not return the blade to it, it will be weightless)

Intrigious? One simple rule that acts in all such games. If you can’t fill out someone, then let him pour him out.
In this case, this is done like this: you first need to get a potion (or spell) walking around the water. Then, for those in Windows and forcing Umbra to chase you (fireball, with as much distance as possible). We run to the imperial city, on straight water (do not forget about the potion), there is a guarantee that you will be wrapped and you are getting not only the umbra hoops, but also the floor of the milk guards.
If Umbra catches you, try to remove the armor. If instead of Ubry, the guards will begin to chase you, then take your 40th fines and run to Baravil (on water), but it is already more difficult…

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