The Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion: Tips And Tactics

Pumping skills in Oblivion.

Attention: +1 Bonus to characteristic = 2 improvements in skills for which this characteristic is responsible. For example, if you want to get + 5 to strength – then you need
achieve 10 improvements in the blade. The total number of workouts available at the level – 5 times. Competently choose the skill you want to practice – it’s best to download what to pump yourself more complicated, for example, the ability to handle weapons.

Blines, crushing weapons, hand-to-hand combat: grow when using the appropriate weapons. Easy to pump on strong monsters – Take the weak weak weapon, go to attending magic and \ or potions – and go.

Lightweight and heavy armor: one of the easiest to pump skills. Wear a complete set and find on the bank of the crab, and better – a couple, and then – just turn around, allowing you to bite.

Block: Similar to armor, only strikes need not to take on armor, but to block.

Kuznets: To begin with, buy more hammers, and then simply repair what broke the armor or block.

Taken: Find a strong enemy (Arena is perfect), pick up some roof so that you can not get it, and shoot at your pleasure. Naturally, you need to choose opponents who cannot hit you at a distance.

Hacking: It is easiest to fulfill the Quest Daedera Nokturnal (the statue is north of Teleignee, go along the road that leads on the right bank of the River in Chaidinhol. Watch the radar – do not miss the statue a few meters from the road). To get the quest you need to be the level of level. By execution, you will get the key of the skeleton – a non-moving launder, giving +40 to hacking. This will allow once and forever to forget about problems with hoes.

Acrobatics and Athletics: Turn on Always Run and move jumps – no longer need nothing for pumping.

Tinning: You can pump on guard at night, or on sleeping people in guilds. But the most ideal option is Rufio from the first quest for the Dark Brotherhood. Grandpa sleeps 24 hours a day – just put something on the keyboard and go to smoke, walk with the dog, drink beer ..

All Schools Magic: Get rid of potions to restore Mana (or just wait for 1 hour of playing time while Mana does not restore), buy the weakest spells of schools and castow right and left.

Trade: Always move the Haggle slider when you buy and sell. Skill for a long time to pump.

Alchemy: Squash all food reserves in stores (do not be afraid, they are restored pretty quickly), buy alchemical appliances and make the potion Restore Fatigue. Potions then you can sell, and the higher the skill of alchemy – the, respectively, better the potion, and that it is more expensive.

Eloquence: Come in a mini-game by conviction and quickly click on the segments of the circle.

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