The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim (TES V): Hint (Craft Very Powerful Weapons)

To begin with, you need to level up alchemy, blacksmithing and enchantment by at least 100. They can be quickly increased if you know how. Google or visit the wiki. Further increase several perks. Alchemy: “Crafted potions are 20% -100% stronger.” (in total you need 5 points and 80 lvl of skill) and perk “Potion buffs are 25% more powerful.”. Enchanting “New enchantments are 20% -100% stronger” (again 5 points and 80 lvl) and the perk on “Enchanting skills on armor are 25% stronger.”. In blacksmithing, it is advisable to pump all perks, since all perks allow you to improve weapons and armor 2 times stronger.

Just in case, here are the perk IDs (code: player.addperk ):

  • On 20% -100%: 000bee97, 000c367c, 000c367d, 000c367e, 000c367f;
  • On enchanting skills: 00058f7e.
  • On positive effects: 000be127, 000c07ca, 000c07cb, 000c07cc, 000c07cd;
  • On positive effect 25%: 00058216.

When the skills and perks are pumped to the desired value, then you can proceed to the next stage. This will require a LOT of enchanting ingredients, namely: Spriggan Sap, Hagraven Claw, Blue Butterfly Wing, Snowberries. You also need a lot of great soul stones or black ones. And a few more sets of any armor and a few of any rings, necklaces and hoops. In general, you will not need helmets and the armor itself, because they cannot be enchanted with “Increase Skill: Alchemy”. You also need a few of any ingredients to increase blacksmithing: Spriggan Sap, Saber Cat Tooth, Blisterwort, Glowing Mushroom. It is not necessary to find all 4, because the potion is made from any two.
When all the things are there, you can get down to business directly:

  • Create a couple of potions to increase the “enchanting” skill.
  • Drink 1 potion and while the potion is active enchant a set of armor (with rings and necklaces) to increase the skill of alchemy.
  • Put on the kit and create an alchemy potion.
  • Drink a new potion and enchant a new set of armor.
  • To repeat 3 and 4 points until you get bored or run out of ingredients / stones / armor.
  • Put on the most recent set of armor and create 1 enchanting potion and several blacksmithing potions.
  • Enchant blacksmithing upgrade set.
  • Equip a newly minted set, drink a blacksmithing potion and sharpen weapons.
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    P.S. In step 8, if you have made enough potions, you can also sharpen the armor at the workbench at the same time.
    P.P.S. I hope you can figure it out without screenshots. All beaver!

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