The Elder Scrolls 5 V: Skyrim: Tip (How to Create 100% Character)

This is a tip specially for those who want everything here and now, about how to create a character with a large supply of health, magic, stamina, fully pumped skills and perks. Those who prefer honest passage are recommended to close this post..
So let’s start, those who have tried the player.setav cheat know that this does not increase the level, so we use advskill, for example advskill block 100 and your character after that is pumped, for example, to level 10, respectively 10 perk points.
The number of points for pumping perks can be hacked into artmani – one value, 2 bytes.
List of the name of the character in English with translation:
Alchemy – alchemy
Alteration – change
Marksman – shooting
Block – block
Conjuration – witchcraft
Destruction – destruction
Enchanting – enchanting
HeavyArmor – heavy armor
Illusion – Illusion
LightArmor – light armor
Lockpicking – hack
Onehanded – one-handed weapon
Pickpocket – pickpocket
Restoration – recovery
Smithing – blacksmithing.
Sneak – stealth
Speech (or Speechcraft did not remember) – eloquence
Twohanded – two-handed weapon
After pumping all the skills use player.setav to adjust the health, magic and stamina as you like. For the gifted – instead of 999, you can write any other number and you need to enter something into the code from health, magicka or stamina.
For someone whose skill value is over 100, for example Blocking 120, use player.setav to adjust (player.setav block 100). The same code is intended for those who are lazy and too lazy to download artmani and jerk off the screen with an alt-tab to break the number of perks. We write player.setav block 0, then advskill block 100 and in a circle until we pump all the perks, as for me this is even more jerking off. So, having pumped your protogonist (or antagonist) by 100% – I wish you a pleasant gameplay for your mission in the lands of skyrim.
Good luck.

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