The Evil Within 2 - Video Game Review

The Evil Within 2 – Video Game Review

The game released on PS4, Xbox One, and PC

To become an innovator in the horror genre is an almost impossible task because it seems that everything has been invented, but the creators of The Evil Within 2 succeeded. Tango Gameworks is proud to present the horror, created in the spirit of “old school”, but at the same time with an open world, which, of course, adds variety to the category of “horror games.”

The Evil Within 2 – Video Game Review

The first part of this game involved all the possible attributes of the horror genre: cramped interiors; enemies frightening with their appearance, vaguely reminiscent of living beings; a constant lack of resources. Exposing the insides of the decaying bodies of zombies in close-up is the most favorite trick of the creators of The Evil Within. The player plunged into an unimaginably disgusting environment, thereby undergoing a test of psychological stability. But the second part is arranged a little more complicated. She plays with the emotions of the player more sophisticated. In general, The Evil Within 2 is the same game in the tradition of the developer Tango Gameworks, but more diverse. An open-world, a lot of quests scattered around the city – all this you will find in the new part of the legendary horror. You can, of course, not take side missions, but only with them will you be able to understand the world of The Evil Within.

As soon as the game begins, it immediately catches the eye that everything around is some kind of art-house. The player wanders through different corridors, hung with red curtains and portraits, then stumbles upon a sculpture of a ballerina, around which are dolls with flowers in place of their heads. The combination of filth and high art evokes a chilling feeling of fear and, at the same time, admiration. But the game would not be itself if it did not have the good old scenes where one dead man forces the other to eat someone’s internal organs, and all this is depicted in great detail. It looks so realistic that not everyone can stand it. By the way, this is precisely the feature of the Evil Within series: the game is not that scary. She rather disgusts. Although for the most impressionable, fear is also rife here.

The game throws the main character (Sebastian Castellanos) into a seemingly quiet town called Union, where he intends to find his daughter Lily. The village itself is part of a virtual simulation of our world called STEM. The union is not some kind of decoration. The town is interwoven with many small stories that add up to the big picture. Ominous air soars in the atmosphere, mainly due to the fact that the whole area is teeming with the walking dead. In general, this situation is quite familiar to all fans of the horror genre. THEW 2 is clearly not the first and not the last game to portray a kind of “zombie apocalypse” in the American outback. This fact, in fact, somewhat prevents the player from feeling overwhelming horror, because he gets into the painfully familiar gameplay, only under the new “sauce”, which clearly does not add originality to the game.

Along the way, Sebastian meets the holographic records of two soldiers from Mobius. These two managed to build special safe places around the city where the character can take refuge, heal and pump weapons and their equipment. The gameplay is reminiscent of Resident Evil, where the player must wander around the unknown corners of the city in search of resources and information that would further develop the plot, and then hurriedly return to his shelter in a sense of danger from the fact that any freak could reduce all yours at any moment progress is not at one stroke. This feeling of constant danger is an integral attribute of good horror, and Tango Gameworks managed to implement it.

In the game, all sorts of intersections with such legendary projects as Silent Hill and Twin Peaks are striking. Take the same aforementioned red curtains in combination with a black and white floor.

The player will meet not only with all sorts of disgusting monsters but also with people who will cause a lot of trouble on the way to the goal. Among them are such characters as the crazy photographer Stefano Valentini, the faith-obsessed preacher Father Theodore, and the mysterious psychopath with a flamethrower.

If we talk about the gameplay, the process of battles with enemies is especially pleasantly surprising in The Evil Within. The collisions themselves do not occur as often as they could be, but they are very intense in terms of graphics and credibility, and there is a feeling that you control every microscopic movement of the hero. Every detail is thought out. As a result, the likelihood that some ugly monster will immediately kill you is rather small, and this one pleases. The player has every chance to win, the main thing is to use these opportunities.

However, you should not relax. The Evil Within – the toughest survival horror. Compared to the previous part, the dead became very hardy. Now you can’t overwhelm them with two shots. Even a couple of zombies can cause a lot of problems, so you need to be alert. Therefore, even if the chances of dying immediately are not so great, defeating these monsters overnight also will not work, but there is always the option of simply hiding from the battlefield.

An interesting and perhaps strange feature is the initial lack of certain skills in the character, for example, the ability to run for more than 5 seconds without breathlessness, or attack enemies from ambush or cover. All this is acquired during the passage of the game. Therefore, gamers will have to consider another factor – the development of the abilities of the protagonist. Although the lack of cop fighter skills is weird.

Perhaps the most interesting innovation of the second part compared to the first is the development of the storyline. It would seem that absurd and even crazy thing are presented with such skill that the bewilderment of what is seen in the game immediately disappears somewhere, and the player plunges into this story with his head.

The game sets its own pace, throwing the character from the world of memories into the world of dreams, and from the world of simulation into reality with such sharpness that the player does not even have time to enter into a stupor from everything that happens and is drawn into this kaleidoscope of surrealism. This is also facilitated by the fact that each new scene has its own surroundings. As for the main character, it cannot be said that he is especially charismatic and mysterious, but the player understands his intentions to find his daughter.

Speaking of graphics, it is worth saying that the game looks great. Tango Gameworks used its modified Tech 5 engine so that the lights and shadows are executed at the highest level. In the first few chapters of the game, the imagination instantly changes the situation on the spot. You can turn back and find that the corridor has disappeared somewhere. From the technical side, all this is done very high quality.

On the Metacritic website, a computer game was rated 80/100 – the same score as the previous part. According to some experts, the game does not add anything unusual to the horror genre, but, in general, it is well-made and therefore has earned a fairly high score. On Steam, the share of positive reviews is 94%. Gamers managed to evaluate the elaborated graphics, atmospheric music, and the presence of full Russian localization, but the optimization possibilities are not so wide.

It is still difficult to say whether the game will be able to maintain the atmosphere of an ominous delight from what is happening along with the whole plot, which is as diverse and scattered throughout the entire city (albeit small) as additional quests. It will be very difficult in this sense to correspond to the level of the first part when there is such a scope in the form of an open-world game.

As a result, The Evil Within 2 is a game with its weaknesses. At first, limited resources sometimes do not allow enough to “run-up”. Although, in principle, such a strategy was invented by the developers in order to correspond to the genre in which the development of the player during the play is an integral part. Perhaps the game focuses too much on some nasty things and pays little attention to the horror component, but this should be taken as a “chip” in this series. Not everyone, though she will like it. The game should be recommended for the fact that with its atmosphere it still freezes blood, and for the fact that the open world around the character is fraught with many interesting locations that he has to explore. In general, it turned out a worthy sequel in the traditions of the first part, and fans will like it, but as for those who are just getting acquainted with the series, it is not a fact that they will not have questions for the game.

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