The Executioner: Tip (Editing the amount of money)

Experience points, torture time, stamina, health and sanity of the executioner are easily broken by cheatEngine and analogues (4 bytes), but money does not break like that. To do this, you need to edit the save.

Before editing, it is advisable to reduce the number of saves to facilitate the search process. Saves for this game are stored in a single .teedx file at username \ AppData \ LocalLow \ Lesser Evil Games \ The Executioner

Using the search, we find the parameter “Variable [\” Inventory.Money \ “] = 50;” (in my case 50) and change the number to what we need. Example: Variable [\ “Inventory.Money \”] = 20000;


P.S. I accidentally found it on the Internet, shared it as I was looking for.

P.P.S If someone tells me how to edit the number of hours in a day, I would be grateful.

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