The Last Guardian going to Tokyo Game Show 2015

The Last Guardian going to Tokyo Game Show 2015
Since THE LAST GUARDIAN It was anew, if you can put it, announced for the PlayStation 4 in June of this year at E3 exhibition, the developers again went into deaf defense, without giving any new details about the long-awaited adventure of the boy and his feather friend. However, it seems that soon the situation may change for the better.

Today in Twitter Studio Fumito Uedy (Fumito UEDA) GENDESIGN published a message clearly hinting that THE LAST GUARDIAN will appear next week on Tokyo Game Show.

The developers allegedly reflect on “in a new way” to bring Tricks in Makuhari, where the trico is, respectively, the giant “birdcock” from the game, and Makuhari is the name of the exhibition center, where from September 17 to September 20 will be held Tokyo Game Show 2015. Still now to figure out what the illustration accompanying tweets of developers means.

We Are Thinking About How to Take Trico to the Makuhari (in a New and Different Way). / z1ikxpkotf

– Gendesign (@gendesign_inc) September 11, 2015

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