The Lord of the Ring: The Battle For Middle-Earth 2: A Compilation of Tips

Collection of tips

So, here are some tips for this game. If you honestly and conscientiously want to play, then you can skip these tips..

  • There are no codes for this game, but nobody canceled Art Money! Hacking money means not sitting and suffering while the enemy is hammering you.
    True, except for money with Art Money, you can’t hack anything here, you don’t even have to try. If you don’t believe it, try hacking the hero magnifications! Incredibly, this is a miracle hero turns out! no – it was only necessary to leave the creator of the characters and the end of the film! Your hero is not super, but some kind of rubbish!
  • There is a way to create an immortal hero, but keep in mind – it will be an elf or a human. The trick is that these races have self-healing or atelas. I preferred the elf (killer race of archers) and trimmed it like this:
    1. Increases I cast preferably at life, power and armor. I keep my armor and power at the same level, and my life is at your discretion!
    2. From magic, I took the strengthening of arrows (to a powerful archer specialization), self-healing (to improved self-healing), a change of weapons, a hurricane (to a powerful hurricane), and a flurry of arrows. Try now to create a battle against a cruel computer and send only this hero. Now you come to the base, here you are immediately warmly welcomed. Your lives are already running out, the magic is already over – what to do ??? And so the time has come to find out the secret of longevity. This is where your healing magic comes in handy. Click on the treatment, and then sharply right-click on the battlefield. Well, how impressive? Your health has increased, and the magic is intact !!! Moreover, this can be done an infinite number of times !!! Well, that’s basically all, enjoyable use, gamers!
  • What is the easiest way to earn all the privileges (only works in the “shootout” mode):

    Take your time to play, develop as you want. It just turns out that your armor is at a very high level for both buildings and units.

    1. We put an obstacle to the enemies – 95%.
    2. In the rules, we choose everything according to the maximum.
    3. Start.
    4. Let’s see what happens…
  • If you do not know what to do with the found ring, give the ring of the fortress, and you can hire the strongest hero. After hiring a hero, the ring disappears.
  • Here’s some advice on how to win. It doesn’t matter who is against you: recruit, warrior, veteran or assassin. Or in general you are playing a collective game and a professional is against you. You can’t win honestly, so what’s the pain? Victory is dishonest! How? Easy. The created hero will help you. Create a person (preferably), give him a name, assign skills, but do not touch his individual abilities. Leave blank. Then create another hero – I don’t care which one – only with such a name that he would be in the hero list after or in front of yours. And also do not assign abilities to him. You ask what to do next and what happens. And you get a mutant hero, crossed with another hero. Well, the hero himself will remain the same, but the abilities will be from other heroes. For example, a person. He has abilities: elven healing, tornado, ball of fire, word of power and help. You have created 2 heroes. Now select a simple one in the list with the mouse and try to change heroes with the arrows on the keyboard. Happened? There are buttons above the hero’s portrait: appearance, abilities, awards. Choose abilities. Below is the SELECT button. Hover the mouse over it, press the arrow on the keyboard, moving from a simple hero to yours, and sharply press SELECT. If you do everything correctly, then in the end you will be able to assign the abilities of a simple hero to your hero. If your hero was a human, and a simple hero was an elf, then you will assign the abilities of an elf to your person!
    P.S. To enhance the effect, use the immortality of the hero through “healing”.
    P.P.S. If you try, you can guess how to create a hero with the abilities of a wide variety of heroes.
  • Playing as Mordor, in order to slowly but surely destroy even a massive horde of the enemy, use the orcs – although they are frail fighters, they will “strangle” the enemy army in number.
  • If you love conquering computer intelligence, then these tips are for you:
    1. Let’s say you chose a 1v1 card. How to win? Easy. It doesn’t matter who you play with, rookie (easy) or assassin (hard). There is only one tactic. To begin with, use two builders to build two buildings that extract resources. Then build your barracks. There further, whoever succeeds, but, in general, there should be a few more farms and for the defense of the fortress 2-3 detachments of swordsmen, 1 detachment of pikemen, 2 detachments of archers are possible. Just by the time you have done everything, your hated enemies will appear at your base. You have a strong army to repel the attack, and the killed soldiers can be replaced with new ones. We must not forget to replace the military potential. If you put a hero, in general beauty. Usually, if you work on the defensive, you will quickly gain resources and you can upgrade your troops and launch a counterattack.
    2. You don’t know how to correctly launch a counterattack? Easy. You need at least 5000 resources. The most important thing is to build a workshop and build at least 2 catapults, rams, trolls, ents – who are you playing for there. Also build a forge, where improvements are made to the troops, then improve the troops. You need a hero, preferably with an impressive rank, sixth there, eighth. And direct all your armada to the enemy. But that’s not all. You can catapults, monsters, like ent and troll and battering rams, just run headlong to the place where, in theory, the enemy’s fortress is located, and just send the soldiers to the rear of the enemy base, but only to a break, by first pressing the English button “A” (function march), and then right across the battlefield. As a result, wars will kill everything in their path, and battering rams and catapults will slowly, without wasting time on enemy farms (basically, the enemy builds them all over the map and, in particular, on the way to its base). It turns out that the catapults will arrive at the base simultaneously with the army. Now we throw the army to kill enemies and its barracks and other buildings, and catapults are in the rear of your army. Enemy cannot destroy catapults because of your army. You destroy the fortress, which is the most disgusting, because it shoots arrows at your army, churns out builders, builds new buildings to replace your destroyed ones, and all over again, over a new one. Soaked the fortress, you usually don’t need catapults. Your army will clean up everything else, and you can safely congratulate yourself on a new victory!
    3. Do you want to know more specifically how to kill an enemy fortress? Easy. For people – a stone thrower. The elves have an entom, but do not put him in hand-to-hand combat. The gnomes have a catapult and a destroyer. At Isengard – with a ram, mine, ballista. Mordor has a ram, a catapult, a troll, a troll drummer, a battle troll, a mumak (elephant). Goblins have a troll and a giant, only a melee troll to destroy a fortress, and a giant to throw stones.
  • Elven tip: Hire only lorien warriors first. 6 units is enough if you are playing with 3 races, then send 3 units to one and 3 to another. Only attack archers. Create 10 squads of lorien and attack again in the same spirit! And in the end the enemy will surrender.
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