The Next Generation Of Playstation Creates With Environmental Care

Chapter Sony Interactive Entertainment Jim Ryan (Jim Ryan) announced in the official PlayStation blog that the company becomes partner Playing for The Planet. This is the Union of Gaming Developers under the auspices of the UN, whose goal is to preserve the environment.

As says Ryan, still in PlayStation 4 Sony achieved significant improvements in environmental terms due to a number of energy efficient solutions. For example, it includes productivity scaling and energy saving sleep mode.

According to Ryan, at this moment Sony avoided 16 million tons of carbon emissions. Over the next ten years, this figure should increase to 29 million, which is equal to the emissions of all Denmark for 2017.Comparison of electricity consumption from EXTREMETECH.
At the next generation of the next generation, environmental care will continue. Ryan said that in nexgen from Sony Energy consumption at sleep mode is even lower than the PlayStation 4 – only 0.5 watt. For comparison: PS4 in the waiting state counted 8.5 watt. If at least a million consumers will use sleep mode, it will save such a number of electricity, which is enough for about a thousand homes in the USA, writes Ryan.

Sony It is also about to assess the carbon footprint from its gaming services and tell about energy-saving methods that the company applies in data centers. Corporation will inform customers on how best to maintain energy when using console.

Together with industry experts and climate professionals Sony will make a special guide – it will be useful to developers who want to tell in their game something about environmental care. Besides, Sony Plans to create applications for PlayStation VR, where it will be possible to learn about climate problems.

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