The Online Version Of Blizzcon Will Be Completely Free

Usually in November Blizzard Suitable BLIZZCON – a large-scale event for company fans. But during the pandemic period, everyone is sitting on the houses, so it was impossible to spend the event in the usual format. So in the near future blizzcon will come BLIZZCONLINLINE.

Earlier, Blizzcon was more paid: if you wanted to visit the festival in theline, it was necessary to purchase a ticket (and they usually succounted for counting after the start of sales). If you wanted to see Blizzcon via the Internet, only the key points like the opening ceremony showed for free, and, for example, for access to a variety of additional stories from developers, it was necessary to acquire a Blizzcon’s virtual ticket – a set of unique digital bonuses for games was also given Blizzard.

But the “entrance” on BlizzConline will be completely free, the president says Blizzard Jay Allen Brec (J. Allen Brack) in the latest contact to the community. It seems, this time all the materials of the event will be available for free.

What games will be shown on BlizzConline, while it is unknown. From speech Jay Allen Braeka You can make the following:

  • World of Warcraft (both the current version and Classic) lives and flourishes.
  • For Hearthstone Launch fresh supplement.
  • W Diablo Immortal Recently, the largest internal testing.
  • Blizzard preparing to tell more about Diablo IV And Overwatch 2.
  • The company considers various ideas for games on PC, consoles and mobile phones.
  • Machine training shows excellent results in Overwatch And HEROES OF THE STORM, where the patron AI is looking for and punishable “toxics”. Not so long ago, this system was also introduced into public chats World of Warcraft.
  • Pro Warcraft III: reforged Not a word.

BLIZZCONLINE will be held on February 19th and 20. In the same month Blizzard will celebrate your 30th birthday.

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