The Owners Of Dead Or Alive Were Outraged That An Erotic Dvd Was Made Of Their Erotic Game

Formally Series Dead or Alive – This is a fighting, but the developers clearly kiss in people who like to watch busty sweaty girls in bikin9. And then the paradox arises: Dead or Alive – game about erotica, but the owners of the series really do not like when more erotic add to the game about erotica.

Koei Tecmo announced that he serves to the court to manufacturer of illegal DVD. There wrote video from Dead or Alive (including spin-off Xtreme: Venus Vacation), but with Nyudo-mods – in the original nipples and so on, this still covers. According to Siliconera, self-made game porn was going to sell at auction.

The copyright holders did not like it: Koei Tecmo He appealed to the Kanagawa Prefecture Police in Japan, and also prepares a civil lawsuit. According to the company, the creators of DVD violated copyrights when they began to distribute works Koei Tecmo Without its permission.

Quite ordinary suit for the standards of Dead or Alive Xtreme.

Recall the latter Dead or Alive Received a few seasonal subscriptions, where the vast majority of the content are dedicated to various fetishist suites for characters. In addition, Spin-Off Xtreme And at all refuse to fighting, offering simply admire the virtual girls on the beach (and buy them even more microcapalates, of course!). IN Xtreme 3 even appeared support for VR on PS4 – it seems on the console Sony There is nothing closer to porn.

At the same time, the developers were very worried when they produced Dead or Alive 5 on PC: they say, Model will surely try to create something indecent with her! The Fighting Head even said: “We would like to ask people that they play our game, observing the rules of morality and decency. Otherwise we will no longer release our PC games ».

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