The Quantum Break Television Series Will Not Be On The Game Disk, But There Will Be A Trailer Alan Wake’S Return

To release Quantum Break It remains a little more than a month, and Remedy Entertainment I took and changed the strategy for distributing episodes of the television show, which are an important component of this, so to speak, expirers.

In an interview with Game Informer Project Designer Greg Louden (Greg Louden) said that the television series Quantum Break With alive actors will not be on a platter with a game (although initially developers were going to place them there and put it). Instead, the Xbox One owners will be able to download episodes telling the history of the main villain of Action, in a resolution of 1080p, and PC users – watch online mode with a resolution of 4K.

Actually thus Remedy cares about your own hard disk, which is not worth clogging such a large amount of information.
According to the creator Quantum Break, The developers in the hands of already forty different variations of the show, which is modified, “evolves” depending on the decisions taken by the player. For one of some episodes will be shorter, for another – authentic. As a result, the Streaming sees developers most suitable option.

Meanwhile, some television series are still able to see and within the gaming half Quantum Break. More precisely, at least its trailer with alive actors on television in the game universe. And about Alan Wayka.

Looks like a renowned brand brand Alan Wake’s Return belongs to this video. According to the description of the representative of Polygon, familiar with the fragment Quantum Break, In the frame, you can consider wanderings on the forest with a flashlight, and the Wayka itself (with a beard), and the protagonist of his alex of Alex Casey in the execution of the creative director Remedy Sam Lake (SAM Lake), whom the writer immediately kills. And all this psychedelic is completed with the inscription RETURN.

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