The Secret Files: Tunguska: Tips And Tactics

Regarding the password on the computer, it says in passage:

You need to fold the number of four numbers: the first and last of the room of the car in the garage (2 and 3), fourth from the hatch (4) and one more, equal to the number of “Father’s work guards” (2 statues at the museum). Password: 2342.

The password is correct, but the explanation is not very accurate. Message on Cassette reads:
The first and last digit from the number of the car (the one in the garage), a quarter (1/4 or 25%) of the holes in the underground world (this is a hatch into the sewer in the yard – the entire holes 16, and a quarter, respectively 4), and the number “Father’s Guards “(2 statues at the museum).

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