The Settlers: Rise of An Empire: Advice (Access to All Missions)

Below are the steps you need to take to gain access to all of the missions in The Settlers: Rise of an Empire and The Settlers: Rise of an Empire add-on. Eastern Lands.

Launch the game.
We create a new profile. For example “1”
Then we exit the game
Find and open the file (in our example 1.ini), which is located in the folder: .. \ My Documents \ THE SETTLERS – Rise of an Empire \ Profiles \
Replace all lines starting with “Campaign”:

Campaign = 1
CampaignC_c00 = 5345
CampaignC_c01 = 5344
CampaignH_c00 = 1805
CampaignH_c01 = 6722
CampaignT = P

Do not touch the rest of the lines.
Save changes, close the file 1.ini
We start the game and see that all missions of the game are now available when selecting profile “1”

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