The Sims 2: Open For Business: Tips And Tactics

1) Without codes, you can evict and again to settle down (necessarily the family at least 2 brow) Simima, each time it brings for 20 thousand.
2) I built a house in 5 floors – one underground (there you can even make the pool in the floor), and 4 floors above the ground. Held stairs, every floor as a mini apartment of Sima. So that they do not intersect and did not slow down, living on the first floor, just put the castle (example: the apartment belongs to Sima, to the entrance door to his apartment you press the action, and the word Castle appears – you choose “allowed only to me”).
3) Underground Floor. Somewhere on the side of the site, right in the ground, put the staircase – only not a whole, but a small. Then from her niz another. And right from the very bottom of the stairs you need to spend the wall.
4) Align the level of the Earth (lawn) can be carpet / linoleum – in general, any flooring. From the smooth section of the land is carried out a carpet to a complex, and both are aligned for one level. Then, in order to erase the carpet, it also takes any carpet and, pressing Ctrl, it is embedded up to the lawn.

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