The Sims 2: Tips And Tactics

When creating a family, click Ctrl + SHIFT + C and enter the code BOOLPROP TESTINGCHEATSENABLED TRUE
Then press ENTER, then click on the free place of the screen and press SHIFT + N. (All of this must be done before the creation of the first Sim). Then you will open new outfits and hidden skin types, as well as in the game if you press and hold the SHIFT button, then you will see a lot of new features!
And yet (but not always and not everyone!):
1) Object debug mode automatically turns on. In this mode, all errors in object scripts are tracked, for example, those that lead to “Defolation of Sims”. If an error occurs, a window appears on the screen with a brief error message and three buttons: Cancel, Reset, Delete. Pressing the RESET leads to a “reboot” of an object, pressing on Delete – to remove it (be careful, not all objects can be easily restored), when you press Cancel, no action will be performed. A detailed error message is saved in the file “My Documents \ EA Games \ The Sims 2 \ Logs \ Objecterror_ *.TXT “.
2) If you click on the picture with the desire (or fear) of Sima, holding down the Ctrl key, then this desire is “executed”.
3) hidden codes, such as Allmenus, Money and T become available.D. List of codes (incomplete) can be obtained by typing the HELP code and the ability to edit the numeric characteristics of the Sims, simply clicking on the strips in which these characteristics are displayed.

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