The Sims: Makin ‘Magic: Tips And Tactics

1) you want more magic coins?
Just rally all the skills of Sima on the full coil and go to the magic city, there, choose a plot on which Viks Vampires and Pharmacist Tod are located, on this site there is such a thing: to fulfill the magic storm, the grave of mummy, spectral spouses and start doing it all (preferablyDo not get out of this pedestal, otherwise some of the arrogals will take your place) and earn a coin, I earned a maximum at once 400 coins.

2) Want ingredient black roses?
It’s not a misfortune, again, they rock the Sima on the full coil and eat to the studio-city, you start with usual: Meet the star (preferably with the one that heads the list) Then you fall in love with yourself (using a spell), then invite your homeAnd the spell is marrying her, she will be a fan to bring flowers (in this way you can collect them infinitely) The main thing is not forget to go to the studio-city, and then the popularity of the star can rapidly fall.
I so thus moved the entire tabloid list to my house, and then everyone was killed (it’s not good, but what to do?)

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