The Sims: Tips And Tactics

This is the easiest way to reduce two hearts in Sims!
Remember! In order for the sims of a friend of each other, they must have a very good mood!
Depending on the ratio of Sima to another, you can affect it in many ways. We do so that in the impact it was “chatting: about the interests”. And let them hang out so until “hug” or “kiss”. When it appears, hug a simply “friendly” until “intimate” appears. Then make so that CIM kissed another most intimate way. When you can kiss Sims “romantic”, let it do this time 10. When he finishes, “kissing: flames” will appear. And then it is necessary to do it exactly three times.
Before you do what is described further, make sure that each Sims has a hundred percent relationship. If so, then buy a “Love bed and let one sim” turn on the vibration “. When he stays, click on another sims “Play in bed”.
When they played, let the queue flamely kiss each other.
After about 8 silev, one of them will ask: “We will have a child?”. Click “Yes!, And you will have an infant!

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