The Source Code Of Leisure Suit Larry With An Expression Read On Live In The Name Of Charity

Recently, the Internet remembered LEISURE SUIT LARRY: Creator Series Al Lowe (Al Lowe) tried to sell the source code of the first two games, but faced with lawyers Activision. But the code still got into the network, albeit non-standard way: he was read with the expression live live.

Feat committed Jason Scott (Jason Scott) – archivist, director and actor. It works in the Non-Profit Organization “Internet Archive”, which saves network pages. Can assume that Scott By profession, interested in saving the source code LEISURE SUIT LARRY For history.

Scott does not reveal how the sources “Larry” got to him. In addition, he says that a person who passed the code asked not to keep the Stream recording. Therefore, only clips on Twitch and messages of the most Scott.

Archivius assures that over 4 800 different viewers looked into the broadcast. In total, reading almost 12 hours! Scott It writes that his throat is terribly hurting, but it was worth it: the entire stream on the screen hung a message with the call “Donate” Electronic Frontier Foundation, Internet Archive and The Video Game History Foundation – organizations that are trying to save digital artifacts for history.

Laughter Scott stunned his stream in category ASMR, designed to caress the ears of the audience. And as a result, cutting from the broadcast were among the most popular in this section in the last 30 days. Especially very spectators liked the clip in which Scott voiced abusive words from the game.

Note that Scott Well prepared for stream: he even put on a day off in the spirit of Larry!

Jason Scott reads the source code of Leisure Suit Larry. It looks exactly as it sounds! https: // t.CO / 3GNG6RDAPU

– Kosmonávt Tomaš (@herohascome) December 20, 2018

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