The Telltale Batman Series Turned Out To Be A Nightmare And Consoles

Apparently, in the company TellTale Games Towel for the equality of platforms. If new Batman turned out to be a technical nightmare on PC, then problems should be on consoles!

Specialists from Digital Foundry stared in the version for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 and made a number of disappointing conclusions.

First, the console Batman Some unpleasantly low permissions. Formally, the game gives 900p on the PlayStation 4 and 720p on the Xbox One (which in itself is ridiculous sad), but in fact it’s still sad. Batman covers edges with black stripes, so the real resolution of the picture is 1600×766 on the PlayStation 4 and 1280×614 on Xbox One! Digital Foundry calls such indicators with the lowest among all games that went out on these consoles. True, on the Xbox One there is still Ark: Survival Evolved, whose permission is slightly lower. However, the multiplayer “survival” is now boiled in an analogue of early access, so you can not count it.

Secondly, even in such conditions, the number of frames per second manages to Like 20 or even below. The failures on PlayStation 4 are especially noticeable: there Batman At times reaches 60 fps, whereas on Xbox One Maximum framerate is limited 30. And most likely, these are the problems of the new engine TellTale, Not consoles: Tests show that the indicators will be seated in the same places on both platforms.

Ultimately of the two evils Digital Foundry would recommend still Xbox 1. There Batman works a little more stable and has some kind of smoothing.

By the way, at least on PlayStation 4 previous games TellTale Started in 1080p at 60 frames per second with small sections. But because Batman Collecting also on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and mobile devices! I wonder how interesting how “cinematic expires” expects us?

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