The Tomorrow Children, Or A Strange Non-Social Simulator

Studio Q-Games obviously tired of stamping one Pixeljunk Over the other, as a result, a completely unexpected multiplayer appeared on the world called The Tomorrow Children, which is also striking by the creators themselves by its unusual.

The Tomorrow Children talks about the future to which the consequences of the allegedly Soviet experiment of the 1960s on the elevation of the human race and the unification of the consciousness of all people in one globally. Then something went wrong, and all the planet suffered. Ninety years it took so that humanity can at least recover. Here you are here, the “clone projection”, which needs to go into some “abyss” and restore the former greatness of our kind.

According to the developers who survived after the experiment, apparently, were singing something, and founded a society built on Marxist ideals of the 1960s sample. Over time, the ideology distorted, and the development of technology took an unexpected turn.

For users The Tomorrow Children The game begins with a class of proletariat, or an ordinary citizen. Any smallest actions provide you with recognition glasses that can be credited in the form of gostalov, and those in turn will supply you with new abilities. For example, tired of sticking in queues? So earn the “sharp elbows”, and forward pushing yourself.

First of all, the research and production of materials will be expected from you, because the city needs all possible resources that will allow him to repel the attacks of giant hassle-like monsters of monsters from the abyss. And on a short moment of projection of other players will be able to appear in the reality of neighbors, in order to help each other. After all, the main goal in The Tomorrow Children – restore the population of the planet, and for this requires cooperation. Well, dunches with DNA samples.

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