The Witcher / The Witcher: Advice (A very good bug that will help you for free or very cheap to forge any sword at a blacksmith)

The bug will only work if there are 3 pieces of any meteorite in the inventory, or if the rune is not important, there must be a sword in the inventory, otherwise forging, in principle, will not work 

What do we have to do:

1.we come to the blacksmith not to the merchant, but to the blacksmith with 3 pieces of material, these are meteorites or runes

2. we see that he has swords for sale from those materials that the witcher has in his inventory

3.we sell materials to the blacksmith and the sword that you have in your inventory and buy from him a similar sword from what was sold to him 

 for example, we sold 3 meteorites for 750 and bought a sword for 1000, that’s the benefit (it’s better than losing meteorites or runes when making by a blacksmith) 

As a result: meteorites or runes remain with the blacksmith and a sword in the amount of about 250-300 orens instead of 1000-1500

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