The Witcher: Tips And Tactics

In the third chapter in the mercenary quarter there is a manufactory (workshop). Come in there and speak with the alchemist. When he asks you to bring him a piece of red meteorite steel, we give him a piece, if any, he will give you a scroll with a recipe, then stop the conversation with an alchemist and speak with a citizen who sits near the table – he has nothing to do with it. Next, we return to Alchemist and talking to him, he gives you a recipe scroll again, stop talking and speak again with an alchemist, he will again give you a scroll with a recipe. He will give you a scroll infinitely until you get tired of talking to him. And in no case, do not leave the room, otherwise you will have to bear the alchemist piece of steel re-. What we get from this: we know that in one cell in the inventory you can store 10 scrolls, and 1 scroll costs 40 Orens – it turns out that we get 400 ores for one cell. Sell the scrolls can be a bookseller in the merchant quarter. I had 4000 Orens, after the sale became 8800 – not bad. A piece of meteorite steel can be won by a boxer in the tavern “New Narakort” in the merchant quarter.

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