The Witcher: Tips And Tactics

At the end of the III chapter, when you meet with the king of the kimor, you can smear and deceive to destroy the damn creature. To do this, it is not even necessary to break into the rampant fee of the kimikory and arrange the collapse of the Cave Arches (as it is conceived by the script). After you fall from the sky together with the professor and will witness the process of professor the eating the most Mother of All Kikimor, you will have a chance to destroy it, the main thing is not to get it underground (where it actually rides), use the Aark sign on it (evenIn the event that only the Kikimora Baska will be traced from under the ground), the powerful wave will sweep the goat to the side, the poor thing is so frightened that it will not even be able to defend them, your “goal” is not to give her to hide under the ground. What is the funny, kimair will be fascinated only to how to run away from you and hide underground (at the same time it will never try to eat at your health) so that he does not make it, hold it between two stone pillars that are nearby. The process of destruction will be slightly tightened, so I recommend to apply to a silver sword tool.

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