Thief Will Cost Without Qte

Eidos Montreal continues to listen to user opinions. First, due to negative feedback from the fan community, the studio got rid of the accumulation system of experience. And this time in Thief Games did not please such an element as QTE. Representative Eidos Valerie Burdo (Valerie Bourdeau) reported that the players would not have to break away from the story about Garrett to hastily put on the buttons, because in the upcoming stealth action no QTE will not be at all.

In fact, if you believe Burdo, before that in the new Thief, In principle, there were quite few such tasks. Only one hour of the gameplay, demonstrated at E3. However, it has managed to make noise among the public, which began to frankly negatively responding to this element of the game. Therefore, without thinking, the developers easily taken and got rid of it.

Eidos Montreal Also mentioned a couple of words about the so-called “hardcorn” mode, in which you are free to mix different modifiers in your own way, capable of complicating your passage as much as possible Thief.

For example, you can ask the following condition: if the main character dies, then the game is the end. This mod creators ironically called “Iron Man” (Ironman). There is also a regime “If the opponent finds you, then you die”. But, by the way, the first can be connected to the second, and then your life in the city of Malina will not seem to.

Among other things, if you wish, you can always turn off the special ability of Focus Garrette, which allows the Warmer to concentrate its attention and speed up the reaction time. In addition to the above, developers promised to disable and some elements of the user interface. For example, it can be done so that the badges have stopped overproed over non-chairs, signing that you were selected.

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