Three Days Later, Roblox Returned To. A Complex Bug Was To Blame

From 29 to 31 October sandbox Roblox Washed unconscious: the services began in the service, which touched upon everything (or almost everything) the community of the game. Now the problems are settled, Roblox I came to myself, and the developers have published a brief summary with the description of the reasons.

It was a particularly difficult failure, because there was a combination of several factors in it. The core of the system in our infrastructure turned out to be overloaded due to the elusive mistake, which originated in our communications with backend services during a large load. It was not connected with a large number of external traffic or some event in the game. Most likely, failure is associated with an increase in the number of servers in our data centers. As a result, most services Roblox could not effectively interact and deploy.

The restoration of the services took more time than would like to any of us because the bug was difficult to diagnose. After we have successfully discovered the root of the problem, we were able to correct it through the performance calibration, re-configuration and reduce part of the load. As of noon [October 31], we managed to fully restore the service.

In other words, the theory of conspiracy with burrito and other popular assumptions of the community turned out to be incorrect. How much can the creators judge Roblox, No user data was injured – the game should work as usual, all the htored digital good remains in place.

Developers promise to publish a more detailed report when the analysis of the situation is completed. In addition, they will tell you how to avoid such a mistake in the future, and will also introduce the rules that the Creator Community must make Roblox “Economically holistic” – this is also a certain way related to the failure. Details will sound later.

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