Three minutes of high-speed gameplay new Need for Speed

The first trailer is new Need for Speed We have already seen, and now Electronic Arts released a gameplay video that the company twisted on E3 2015.

It looks impressive, despite the prescription “Pre-Alpha”. In the roller, the authors clearly demonstrate the updated tuning system, which has become much more convenient and clearer than before. And after a thorough setting of the car, the driver goes to the night streets of the city of Ventura Bay, which will be our entertainment platform in this part of the series. By the way, if you suddenly embarrassed the camera, which thoroughly flies somewhere not there every time driving, you can not worry – this is just one of the special modes for the virtual operator.

And at the same time pay attention to how smoothly and almost imperceptibly Need for Speed goes from frames with alive actors to the game schedule – the developers from these moments Ghost Games Be sure to especially.

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