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Games in which you can rewind time, now no one surprise. However, such a mechanic itself always looks interesting and gives developers a space for creativity. Take, Life Is Strange, In which Max Colfield, thanks to its superconductances, could use information from the future, or Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time, where the magic dagger, turning the time to reverse, more than once saved the prince from death. In a puzzle platformer Braid Rewind and forward at all opened a huge scope for interaction with different objects.

Fresh Timelie from Thai Urnique Studio In some sense, it’s not far from the cult game Jonathan Bloou Jonathan Blow. The manipulation over time in the indie-novelty is necessary in order to understand the device of its levels and solve the riddles, moving further and further … I would like to say “in the plot”, but here it is far from the first place. Timelie – This is a game where at the head of the corner is exceptionally gameplay, very inventive and outstanding.

Erase and Rewind

According to the standards of the indian industry Timelie You can call a long-term: work on a “tactical puzzle for smartphones” started back in 2015 and was a graduation project for five graduates of Chulalongcorn University. In 2016 prototype Timelie Winted in the category “Games” on Imagine Cup, an international competition among high school students and students who spend annually Microsoft.

The project already looked quite worthily and was a collection of isometric levels of riddles in which it was necessary to walk from one point to another. The player had to imperceptibly wake up past enemies (then they were, apparently, ordinary people), could use special items (for example, a dagger to eliminate the enemy to eliminate), and if suddenly he was noticed, no reboot came to the rescue, and rewind.

So Looking Timelie Sample 2016.

Young developers presented Timelie As a story about a mysterious woman, who stole a capable gadget time. She went to save a girl who was abducted by a certain evil organization. Also in the speech of the winning students were mentioned parallel universes, each of which has their own timeline, and the prophets who can foresee the future. Surprisingly, but plot parts in the prototype was much more than in Timelie from 2020.

As you already, probably guessed, at the prestigious award, the team of students did not stop: they really wanted to fulfill their dream and make a real game. They founded the studio, expanded the state and already with the knowledge of the case began to bring Timelie to mind. Much went under the knife, much was red1. Storn and won back, if we speak the game language.Timelie Game ReviewOn Imagine Cup, the developers even called the name of the main character – Merza. I wonder how hard it was to give up their own ideas, reproving their brainchild for a full release.

Girl who conquered time

Timelie begins with the awakening of the protagonist in the ward. After leaving the room, the nameless blond girl (remindingly reminiscent of the stolen child from the prototype) quickly discovers that he knows how to wind time. This ability helps her survive among hostile robots patrol. Soon the heroine meets red cat, and together they begin to look for the way to salvation.

History B Timelie Served without words. Developers got rid of the replica of the character and in general did not bother themselves to study the plot. There are no intriguing pictograms (skull, guns, chess pieces) between the chapters (skull, gun, chessings), but it is not worth the decryption. We do not reveal either the identity of the girl nor the reason for her escape, nor, the main thing, the origin of her ability to influence the time. It is impossible to know anything about the world Timelie. The initial plot is original, of course, you will not name, but in it, at least there was some kind of structure. Apparently, B Urnique Studio They decided that it was better to simply introduce sleep logic than to roll in a banalcin, and discarded everything too much, focusing on the gameplay.Timelie Game ReviewFive years later, two player characters are still left in Timelie, only now instead of two heroines (stolen child and marzes) we manage the girl and a cat.
The purpose of each level is to bring the characters before entering or collecting a certain artifact and not get into the paws to robots. The protagonist as it is going on in the head the optimal route, and when, together with the cat gets to the door, we already show, as in real time our perfect passage looks like. Approximately also calculated his way android marcus in Detroit: Become Human. True, B Timelie every step will have to think over.

Characters can coordinate on the timeline scale so that they happen at the same time. For this you just need to schedule the actions of one hero, and then turn back and choose another. The first character will remember what he should do in the future – exactly until you change his behavior. Rewind is generally a universal problem solving. It didn’t work out from the robot? Wind back. Turned out to be trapped behind the locked door? Not trouble, rewind and try another solution.

Along with the characters begin to move and enemies – as in Superhot, the time is tied to the movement of the hero. It is convenient that with the help of rewinding you can stand still and wait, studying, for example, the routes of opponents.

Time Is Running Out

Character skills are clearly delimited. Cat can hide in ventilation mines and meowkanim attract the attention of robots. The girl knows how to use devices opening multi-colored doors, and collecting glowing cubes, it can restore broken bridges with their help and straightens with enemies. These abilities, apparently, have replaced objects from the first version of the game.

New mechanics are introduced into Timelie gradually – in terms of development and complication of the gameplay everything is done by intelligent. Puzzle’s trough is slowly growing as the player is gaining a mind-mind and begins to understand the logic of their solution. At the end of the very idea of returning to the past goes to a new level, but I will not be spooled, of course, I will not.Timelie Game ReviewTimelie has no restriction on the amount of rewinding for the mission, which was, for example, in Invisible, Inc.
Locations in the game are not so much. They are not randomly generated, so the repeated passage will not be so interesting. However, B Timelie There are tests in which it is necessary to undergo a level with a certain limitation: for example, without killings, not meowing or very fast. True, until you do this condition, you will not know what specifically required you. Apparently, such an approach should motivate players to rebuild locations by trying to limit themselves in different ways.

Separately, it is worth noting musical accompaniment and a very nice visual style Timelie. In the absence of words, the soundtrack sets the mood – sometimes alarming, sometimes pacified. The predominance of blue in the color scheme and minimalist design does not distract attention and give focus on the passage of puzzle levels.

Robots patrolling locations – not the only threat that hinders the characters to get to freedom.
Having spent on five o’clock on the passage of the game, I never received answers to most of the story questions, but perfectly scented brains, spending a girl and a cat through isometric puzzle levels. For their first release, developers from Urnique Studio They tried nicely, and their game in the future would like to see not only on PC, but also on mobile platforms – it was under the smartphones “I was dragging” her prototype. And so, it would seem, at least the topic with time management has already been hidden, Timelie still fits fresh and original. Such a paradox.

Pros: Interesting puzzle levels, the complexity of which increases smoothly as passing out;Ascetic Visual Style and Harmonating Soundtrack.

Minuses: For hintings on the intriguing plot, in fact, nothing;History itself is fast.

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