TimeShift: Tip (Tips and tactics for the game)

In multiplayer, it’s very fun to make fun of with rewind: if you shoot a bubble, then the shots will return to you (I did not try with all types of weapons), grenades also return, and if you get up higher, throw a bubble down and jump into it, then fly higher than you expect. Especially if after the first “jump” you do not fall to the floor, but return to the bubble.

At the laboratory level, you can scare with the death of a hero. For this:
1) we save in front of the fan (there you can also do the time inversion)
2) turn on time inversion and … turn off (INVERSION MANDATORY)
3) admiring the beautiful video.

If you pick up a weapon and then turn on the time inversion, the weapon will reappear on the ground. Repeat until blue in the face (or until energy runs out).

To restore time and health faster, you just need to hide and do a qucksave.

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