When on the 15th level (called An Eye for an Eye Makes the Whole World Blind) Tork returns to his cell, he sees the ghosts of children there and goes to the next room (through the gap in the wall). Pick up the phone there and you will hear the phrase, familiar to everyone from the movie “The Ring”: “You will die in seven days.” Please note that the phone will not ring by itself..

Finish Inferno: To kill Inferno, you need to shoot their ashes. Otherwise, they will rise up. Fast Reloading Revolvers: Press Reload while rolling. Your revolvers will reload in one second. Evil Scenario Ending Easy: Before completing the profile you fight the final boss, turn on the ‘All items and weapons except for Gonzo Gun’ code. After confirming receipt of the message, you will be covered in blood. Finish the game and you will unlock the Evil Scenario Ending without meeting the required game conditions. Hallucination Mode: When you see a monster that has become Tork, kill it. If you can’t kill him, try using the Gonzo Gun. Gonzo Gun: When you reach a room where you hear a child screaming behind a wooden door, detonate the gas tanks near it. Open the red door and turn left. You will see an iron box. Move it towards you, until the hole in the wall, at the top. Climb onto the box and see a dead guard. Later in the game, upon his return, the Gonzo Gun will be here..

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