Teaser Detroit: Become Human to the release on PC

Teaser Detroit: Become Human to the release on PC
Soon on the PC should go out Detroit: Become Human – Last game from the trilogy of exclusive Quantic Dream For PlayStation. The release date is not yet called, but there is a teaser for heating.

In Twitter Quantic Dream says that the day of release on the PC is already quite soon. If the designated schedule is still in force, then before the launch of the computer Detroit: Become Human Develiya will appear.

Slightly fortunes on the coffee grounds. Demo “Detroit” on PC promised to publish in the summer, and release to arrange in autumn. It was possible that the American summer was meant, which ends on September 23. If the guess is true, the trial version of the game can start over the next week.

Detroit: Become Human For PC – Exclusive Epic Games Store. Price at the time of writing news – 1,628 rubles.

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