Taser plot line Brotherhood steel in Fallout 76

Taser plot line Brotherhood steel in Fallout 76

Fallout 76 Preparing for the next passionist update – “Steel Dawn”. His main feature – the return of the brotherhood of steel. A little personnel from the new line of quests are shown in the audit teaser.

Fragment of the Brotherhood Steel in Fallout 76 He heads Paladin Leila Rakhmani. The first time the organization’s motives remain unknown, but it appeals to you for the report on the current state of Appalachia and is waiting for your help in your acts.

The initial quests of the fraternity began to be added in December, when it comes out “Steel Dawn”, And then the story will gradually develop during the 2021th. Besides, in “Steel dawn” New NPCs, locations, equipment and gameplay improvements will appear.

Recall that until October 26 in Fallout 76 You can play for free.

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