Tom Clancy’s The Division – 10 Tips for Newbies

Tom Clancy's The Division - 10 Tips for Newbies

On International Women’s Day on March 8, 2016, Ubisoft released the controversial, controversial, and almost disappointing of the year Tom Clancy’s The Division. Only gamers of the top platforms that you already know could be satisfied with the game: PC (Windows), PS4 (PlayStation 4) and, of course, XO (Xbox One). Bad or great? – it’s up to YOU, no doubt, to decide, but in order not to spoil your impressions and to understand all the intricacies, without abandoning the game in the first minutes of the passage, please read our article.

Definitely this game is not the last in the series … And the genre for a minute is TPS, for those who have not heard about it or have not come across it at all (although everyone has played), we will briefly explain. TPS is a Third-Person Shooter, or more simply, a category of third-person shooters. You see, it will be useful to someone, and this information will be needed in the future.

For more than 3 months, players from all over the world have been wandering around pre-apocalyptic New York and, as statistics show, they are not going to stop. If you have just started to master all the delights of the game, then read carefully.

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# 1

There is safety in numbers

We must pay tribute to the Yubiks, they know how to contribute to the gaming industry, and the new innovation was no exception for The Division. The game has extensive opportunities for matchmaking – you can compose your team (team) to complete the story mission by pressing one button. Everyone will agree that this is more perky and much easier than alone. You will understand this when you run into some boss.

There is safety in numbers

# 2

“If you went with a friend …”

The mechanics of The Division are quite simple, but it is often necessary to discuss a combat situation with a familiar person, namely with your kent (friend). Now imagine that you separated from your companion or simply lost – everything happens. At this moment for opponents or third-party players, you become “cannon fodder”. In such cases, it is imperative to make the appropriate decisions: pumping the turret, carrying as many different types of guns as possible, and, of course, ammunition, without them your weapons are just useless pukers.

If you went with a friend ... '

Number 3


The hero of the game is very vulnerable to damage, especially if you are opposing an enemy with a level much higher than yours. So try to stay in cover. The whole process of fights takes place like this: 80% of the shots are in secluded and safe places, but the remaining 20% ​​are in dashes between shelters.


# 4

“The quieter you go, the further you’ll get”.

Artificial intelligence, although not smart, does not hesitate to attack and run ahead. Because of this, there is no particular need to push forward, sparkling with heels.

The quieter you go, the further you'll get

# 5

Base improvement is the key to success

The advice is this: start improving the base from the very first mission of the Power Block – the perk after passing, which you get, speeds up your subsequent pumping by 10%.

Base improvement is the key to success

# 6

Don’t overuse stores

Each safe zone has a huge number of sellers of weapons and armor, but they are not always necessary. Selling something in the game at first brings some “crumbs”. But on the other hand, any weapon, or armor, is disassembled into separate parts, but then it will be possible to make something useful from them, sometimes even better than the sold items. Don’t be upset if you can’t craft cool items at the start. Save rees for level 30 or more, because after that, real crafting begins.

Don't overuse stores

# 7

A trifle, but nice …

The main task of the game is pumping – the stronger you are, the easier it will be to wade through crowds of enemies, be they “purple” or “gold”. Finding a record of telephone conversations, mutual assistance to civilians, echo – this gives several hundred experience points. All the little things are useful and meaningful, don’t forget that. When updating the map with new side missions, do not forget to check the stand with the map at the base occasionally.

A trifle, but nice ...

No. 8

“Dark Zone”

Never at the beginning of the game, without knowing the basic methods and solutions, you should not go into the thick of it. Playing the role of hell and real hell in The Division is the Dark Zone. Upon reaching the 10th level, it is quite possible to test your nerve cells there. This is where the most valuable loot is.

Dark zone

No. 9

Freebie – come!

At the base, it will probably be possible to find a special man who will give you free buns. Mostly casual clothes, but thanks anyway. As they say – for free and sweet vinegar.

Freebie - come!

No. 10

A dog is a friend of man.

Killing four-legged here brings a bit of experience, rarely any loot. But aren’t you sorry to take the life of an animal? You decide…

Dog is man's friend

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