Tomb Raider 2: Tip

from the advice refers to the second episode: Venice, to that part when
you have to press a button to open the door to the next
level.Everyone probably knows that as soon as the button is pressed,
the timer turns on and you need to hurry up in order to have time to enter
doors (if you do not have time, they close). I will tell you how
do without the timer. When you swim up to the building (in that where
there is a button), do not rush to drive inside, go until then,
until the boat hits the wall with its bow, then jump from the boat
onto the parapet (from the water Lara will not be able to jump to it), fill
guard and boldly press the button. Pressing return to the boat,
but not in the way by which you came here, but after swimming
under the door. Having emerged, get on the boat and calmly ride until
doors to the next level. Good luck!

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