Tomorrow In Ghost Recon: Wildlands Will Penetrate Sam Fisher

April 10 in Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Wildlands Starts the second year of the game support. The first of four additions authors dedicated to the secret agent Sam Fisher from Splinter Cell.

Until May 2 in Wildlands Thematic mission will be available. You and your colleagues will have to show all their stealth talents and under the cover of the night to get into a carefully protected camp. All for the sake of noble goal – to help the fourth echelon agent to perform the task. You can pass the seasonal event both alone and with friends. Exclusive items will be an award for the efforts, including the famous “Three-headed” glasses of night vision.

Also with the release of update in the militant will have a new class for PVP – Echelon. This fighter – a member of the Fisher’s team, which means that he not only owns the art of invisible movement, but also uses steep gadgets, such as a heartbeat sensor that allows the enemies through the walls. To get a specialization, you will have to part with prestige glasses or purchase a seasonal second-year subscription.

Echelon is not the only innovation in the field of Pvp: still special operation will be covered by the action of five fresh cards and the “Sabotage” regime. No extraordinary in the new fun: one team will need to protect the goal, and the other is to capture it.

Essentially for lovers of high fashion Ubisoft Add to game Set with Customization Items Splinter Cell. Among other things, a formidable ceramitter from Splinter Cell: BlackList.

Finally, in honor of the launch of the new season Wildlands Allowed to try free. The action will last from the 12th to April 15. Progress earned in the free version, smoke in full, if you decide to buy it.

Full list of changes that are waiting Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Wildlands In tomorrow update, presented here.

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