Tony Hawk’s Underground 2: Tip (Game Tips & Tactics)

In the last level of Skatopia, after the dogs, immediately do the manual, go to the exit, watch the last video and …. (barobe roll) laugh!

And in this game, New Orleans saw a Russian car, here with Russian numbers, look, you can find.

To unlock the following characters / levels / cutscenes, successfully complete the indicated objectives:

Ben Franklin – Boston Level Story Mode.
Call Of Duty Soldier – Story Mode with “Mad” difficulty setting.
Graffiti Tagger – Berlin Level Story Mode.
Jesse James – Classic mode with “crazy” difficulty setting.
Jester – New Orleans Story Mode.
Matador – Barcelona level in story mode.
Natas Kaupas – Classic mode with “crazy” difficulty setting.
Nigel – Story mode with “crazy” difficulty setting.
Paulie – Story Mode when set to Medium.
Peds Group A – Scene mode with easy difficulty setting.
Peds Group B – Scene mode when set to medium difficulty.
Peds Group C – Scene mode with “crazy” difficulty setting.
Peds Group D – Classic mode when set to medium difficulty.
Peds Group E – Classic mode with “crazy” difficulty setting.
Peds Group F – Get 100% in Story Mode.
G Peds Group – Get 100% Classic Mode.
Peds Group H – Clears all “dips” at all fifteen levels.
Phil Margera – Scene mode with easy difficulty setting.
Ryan Sheckler – Skatopia Level Story Mode.
Shrek – Scene mode with easy difficulty setting.
Shrimp Seller – Australia level in Story Mode.
Steve-O – Classic Mode when set to Medium.
The Hand – Scene mode when set to medium difficulty.
Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 – Classic Mode when set to Medium.
Pro Skater Level – Story Mode.
Triangle Level – Classic Mode.
Cheating Video – Clean up all “gaps” at all fifteen levels.
Neversoft Skates Movie – Get 100% Classic.
Pro Bails 1 Movie – Classic Mode.
Pro Bails 2 Movie – Get 100% Completion In Story Mode.
World Tour of Destruction Movie – Story Mode.

Jesse James.
Walk through the first level (not the training level) and you will find someone at the building who is thirsty. He will tell you to go down to the bar next to him. When you get there Jesse James will talk to you.

Message from Steve-O.
After you complete all the objectives for the first level or get the correct number of fulfillment points, you will see an FMV cinematic where “Bam” removes Burnquest from the Tony team. Subsequently, when you find yourself in Spain, Steve-O will send you a message saying that he wants to be on your team. You can now play for him.

Skatopia Level: Rope.
Grab what looks like a jetpack and it will give you a very fast rope ride.

Zoo level: aquarium.
Jump onto the house near the elephant, then jump onto the back of the elephant. He will get angry and crush the aquarium door.

R / V half pipe.
To unlock the R / V half-pipe and this mission for your character, play as Jesse James and jump over three cars / wagons.

In Los Angeles: there is also a Zhiguli on the bridge with Moscow license plates.

If in Boston, you first make OLLIE over a barrel of fire, and then play on two cannons, then a small BA-BANG will occur, as a result of which only horns and legs will remain from the building under construction.

At the Berlin level, from the very edge (where the trapper aka graffiti men is located) there is a bar (well, such an establishment …), and above it is a billboard … so, if you make a wallride on this billboard, then this shield will collapse on the rails ( so there is a railway that cannot be climbed) and the 36an3ts9 train directly into this shield and part of the map, together with the bar, will blow it =)
PS … I managed to make Toko 1 time and then by accident!!

If you drive over a barrel of fire, and then there will be a big boom over the guns.

At Berlin level, walk up the ledge to the building past the Graphite.
At the very end there will be a piece of iron, slide over it and enjoy the cool video.

In Australia, there is one secret: at the very beginning, opposite the tap (where it shows) there is a trick for 100,000 POINTS, we enter the far (which is closer to the pool) ramp and jump, slide along the balcony to the fire escape, then there will be a ledge on which you jump and push off from houses opposite, we slide further: in the opposite direction we go in the same way to the balconies, then there will again be a ledge JUMPING and pushing off from the house on the opposite side. so we rise to the top and at the end we jump to the house (where the poster is). Well, that’s the whole trick, but for extreme sports: you can slide along it and jump onto the wires … Well, then figure it out yourself.

In the triangle (the map is like this) there is a helicopter with missiles, and if you slide over them, they will fly out and blow up something.

There’s a house in Boston next to the construction site and the cannons. Use Spine Transfer [KP7 + KP9] to knock out the windows and enter the apartment. SURPRISE awaits you!
In Australia For the head to fall off the tap, you need to do Grind [KP8] on the minimap at the edge of the tap.

I will tell you the secret of how to fly over the whole city called “Barcelona”!
1) Start the game.
2) Select the section “Play at the account, free skating”.
3) There we choose a skater (I advise you to do it yourself).
4) Choose the card “Barcelona” is a city.
5) We load, literally 2 seconds.

We have completed the important stages. Now we need to get to the tower. You can see it from the place where there are ships. You may see. You are born in front of the railing. Behind you is the sea and ships. We boldly roll along the railing on our cool skateboard and climb on the balcony of the school. Then we go into the “black hole” and we are on the field. In front of us is the whole city. Now we climb onto the tower. This will be behind you. When we enter the tower MANDATORY (this is important) take a skateboard in hand. -ops … Very high. We stand on our skateboard and slow down sharply, otherwise we will fall and we will have to do it all over again. We see two black wires. Notice that they lead cleanly over the city along the houses and lead to the ship. We jump on them and press КР8, jump КР2! Let me remind you: КР is an additional numlock keyboard! I wish you good luck in doing this trick – for this you will earn a lot of money – depends on how long you keep the balance on the wires!

When driving along the railing, it is best not to try to follow the arrow to the end. You need to keep it in the middle, then you will have more points and more special level, make a switch!

Each level has its own destruction. Boston – Drive over the cannons (both) with fire. Barcelona – Throw tomatoes in the bull cage. Berlin – Drive across the billboard next to the graffiti painting. Australia-Natas Spin on a fire hydrant near Zasonia (KP8 + KP9). New Orleans – Ride every crypt in the graveyard. Scatopia – go through the entire level. All this is accompanied by explosions / special effects.

In Los Angeles, we climb onto the bridge, get on the hood of any passing car and drive. If it doesn’t work out and you find yourself back on the ground, then you have to get on the car, but go the other way. When the car comes down at an angle of 30 degrees, you must quickly sit down and you will be out of the game. Even in Australia, where the crane is nearby, there is a small yellow fire post. Drive up to him, press 2 then 8 + 9, do the trick Natas, wait 4 seconds and watch the video.

There are so-called “failures” in the game. For example, in Los Angeles we do a kickflip + grind on a fire truck and we get 40,000 points!

In Australia, do a Natas Spin (KP8 + KP9) near a tap for 5 seconds. If you succeed, the crane will burst! Water will pour over the sleeping builder, he will wake up, lose control of the tap and break the wall! The task “Wake up the sleeping beauty” is ready! Go through the broken wall, there you will find a negro on the minimap. The task “Find a special guest” is ready! Go outside – and you will see him again, a new list of tasks will open there.

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