Total Club Manager 2005: Tips And Tactics

If you are just starting the game, I can advise several superTalate players who advise you to take. (Prices in pounds in age can be mistaken for a year)
1. Podolski (N, 18 years, Germany, Cologne). Goes to a free transferament
2. Nade (N, 18 years old, France, True). If you’re lucky free shuttle, if not, then the price is small usually
3. Pazzini (N, 19 years, Italy, Atalanta). Price 15m, you can sway to 6. The player is worth.
4. CERNY (BP, 18 years old, Czech Republic, Sigma) Price 4m.
5. Junma (DM, 16 years old, Spain, Badajoz) price about 300 thousand.
6. Manguito (N, 16 years old, Spain, I do not remember) Price about 1m
7. Skjelbread (DM, 17 years old, Norway, Nusenborg) 750 thousand
8. Troiano (AM, 19 years old, Italy, Modena) If a free shuttle is lucky, if not, then about 10 m
nine. LODI (AM, 19 years old, Italy, Empol9) If you’re lucky free shuttle, if not, about 10 m
10. Vayman (RWB, 16 years old, Russia Amkar) or free or 1M

Do not skimp on these players, if you play constantly, and if you follow them, after a couple of years your team will be the best

PS: Custa usually in Cannes (France) have good young defias.

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