Touhou: Scarlet Curiosity: Video Game Overview

Touhou Project – This is a megapopular anime-franchise, a whole phenomenon in modern doddine culture, which has grown out of the ladies-shooters, which were created by one person in the framework of “comewitts”.

So, it was an entry for those in the subject. Everyone else can exhale – now it will be the same, but in Russian. In Japan, “comics” are regularly held – festivals of independent, amateur (and very often – pornographic) comics, games and music. In the late 90s, a student programmer with a nickname ZUN (real name – Juniya Ota [Jun’ya OTA]) began to show his games there, made in the Top-Down-shooter genre with a huge number of bullets on the screen. Their action unfolded in the original and very unusual universe Touhou.

Very quickly, these games became popular, and in the end, all this has become a real cultural phenomenon – with a huge army of “Toulfanes”, tons of memes, jokes for their, amateur manga, fan art, viral rollers and music based on. Today within Touhou Project 26 official games were created, including several fighting fighters, several canonical books and comics were released. And all the official, except for the fights, created the ZUN himself in proud loneliness.

Cheese – genius!

Reasons for popularity Touhou Project several. The first and most important thing is all the heroines here – these are cute girls in openwork outfits and hats that fight with the same nickees and fairy. At the same time, yesterday’s enemy nyashka in the next series may well be the main character, and vice versa – the number of player wiflu in this universe reaches two dozen.

All girls are very bright, charismatic, with their character and unique abilities like control time, fate or even the moon. Some of them, such as the famous cheese (icy fretaker, which always does everything not as needed), firmly entered into modern Internet culture.

Secondly, here is a very interesting world with a bending of irony, erotica (but without pornography!), the mixture of various topics, mythologies and cultures, foolish dialogues, fabulous mystting setting and excrongation sometimes degrees of absurdity and idiocy – but in the best sense of the word. The action of all games is unfolding in the region called Gensocheo, which is sealed from the outside world with a special barrier. People and Yokai live here – all sorts of mystical, and often very dangerous, creating, including tenge (these are such goblins in Japanese mythology), ghosts, vampires and other beast. Touhou: Scarlet Curiosity Game ReviewIf everything is fine with special effects, then the textures are all the same in the game outdated graphics.

Beer for fans

The author of the iconic franchise leads the recovery lifestyle, and it only hesitates interest in his work. It is known that he is not only a programmer, designer, screenwriter, a very talented composer and a little less talented artist (his inquiry naive style regularly becomes the object of memes), but also a beer alcoholic with experience. That is why his heroines also love “Curl”, and some of the characters of the Universe are never sober at all.

But most importantly, Zun never prohibits anything to make fans and does not require copyright. He is still faithful to ideals of free independent creativity and participates in the “comics” on a par with all. Therefore, in addition to official products, hundreds of fan games, comics, rollers and songs in the universe are regularly overlooking Touhou Project, which ensures such a high degree of love in the people. Fans are so active that even made their versions Team Fortress 2 And Castlevania.

Touhou: Scarlet Curiosity – just one of these fan works based on. But at the same time, it is very ambitious – it was the first “TOho” -Igra, shown on E3. Original version called Touhou Koukishin: Adventures of Scarlet Curiosity Released in 2014, two years ago she got to PlayStation 4, and now in the updated version it appeared in Steam.Touhou: Scarlet Curiosity Game ReviewIn battles with each blow accumulated Comboster.

Vampire and a little boring

main character Touhou: Scarlet Curiosity – Little vampire Remilia Scarlet, who was the main enemy and the final “boss” in Embodiment of Scarlet Devil, Sixth on the score (and first for Windows) game series, which made all this franchise popular and outside of Japan.

According to the plot Remilia, together with his loyal maid of Sakuy, Izayuy languages from boredom in his own estate, when he learns from local newspapers that a certain huge monster was seen in the district. Feeling that this time she will be able to have a nice to have fun and meet with someone who can give at least some resistance, Remilia goes into search of monsters.

But during the first tool, she never meets him, and when he returns, he learns that the estate was attacked – naturally, cute faces. Moreover, people consider the culprit of all the troubles and thereby Monster Remilia itself. Now small (size, not by age) Vampire with wings and her maid you need to figure it out in everything, for which it will have to not only fight, but also communicate with journalists that distribute dirty rumors about remilia. Touhou: Scarlet Curiosity Game ReviewIn such fabulous scenery, play especially nice.

“Toho” in the style of RPG

Touhou: Scarlet Curiosity – hardly the first “TOHO” with such a serious focus on RPG elements and with the obvious influence of the series IS. In fact, from Top-Down-shooter here it turned into a fairly typical Japanese role game. With the only difference that instead of participating in step-by-step battles, we realized very spectacularly and dynamically mututed enemies with ordinary and special attacks. And periodically use some “imba” -cake, destroying everything around.

From the enemies, coins, experience and new equipment, which can also be found in the chests accumulated in the corners. We grow in levels, automatically increasing the several main characteristics of the heroine, as well as learning new “Spells” and special attacks. What of them and what key to use, you decide yourself. There are many options – from circular blows with wings or a rapid throw forward to some “arrows of the same” that demolishes everything on its path. In this situation, the point setting, which attacks and which key to use, allows you to flexibly change the battle style.

In addition, the tactics of passage to some extent varies depending on who you play for – for remilia or for her maid. In battle, it is impossible to switch between them – for each it is provided for its saving file and its scene line. Nothing cardinal in terms of content is not changing there – only the dialogues and the content of some scenes. But the combat styles they have different: the vampire is particularly strong in the near battle, and Sakuya relies on long-range attacks. However, contrary to the statements of the authors, there is no critical difference – the maid can also be famously beaten with their legs in the near battle.Touhou: Scarlet Curiosity Game ReviewIf the character falls or perbs, we will deprive us a certain amount and will be returned to the latest conservation.

Jumping while young

In terms of complexity Touhou: Scarlet Curiosity, Of course, it does not compare with the original games. If you do not turn on the Bullet Hell specifically for the Steam version, then the real (and it is not always) danger will only represent “bosses”, which, as in the original vertical shooters, lay the screen with a hail of bullets and shells – between them you need to tap,At the same time, glowing the moment for the attack.

Yes, the “craft” and the improvements in the equipment is not, the pumping goes, repeat, automatically, and we actually actually affect the choice of equipment and active attacks for each key. But in any case, the primitive game cannot be called – especially when it periodically includes a platformer, offering jumping along portals and tramplines. Touhou: Scarlet Curiosity Game ReviewFights with “bosses” always pass under the hail of special effects.***

As a result, what is happening is tightened – even if you do not carry anime on the Spirit. Dynamic battles, pumping, search of chests and selection of equipment, competent change of gameplay mechanic, a variety of locations (from the walls of a huge library to the magic forest with huge mushrooms), the pretty picture that in the steam version really became better and juiced, atmospheric music – what elseIt is necessary in order to enjoy playing a couple of evenings?

And most importantly, there is an unusual universe, charismatic characters and that degree ironic absurdity, which is still distinguished by all the “TOHO”. Boys-beetles, fie journalists, and in the midst of all this – the duet of the main characters, which are clever beaten by cute. In general, it is possible that after acquaintance with Touhou: Scarlet Curiosity You, like me, will be interested in this unique phenomenon called “Tohomania”.

Pros: There is a small vampire with wings that beat the fairies;Fascinating gameplay at the junction of action, role-playing and platformer;juicy, improved for steam version of the graphics;There are very beautiful locations;Chic Soundtrack.

Minuses: Sometimes the game seems too easy;Primitive role-playing system.

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