Toy Soldiers: War Chest: Advice (Unlocks all expansion packs – Expansion Heroes and Weapons)

  • This requires a Joystick (gamepad). I used Xbox Microsoft Xbox 360 Controller.
  • Launch the game through GameP (lies at the root of the Games \ Toy Soldiers War Chest game). In the future, if we always want to play with add-ons, then you may need to always open the game this way and do everything again.
  • By starting the game in the main menu, we simultaneously acquire two stickers on the joystick up to 2 clicks. The engineering menu opens: 1) to unlock the heroes, you need to find the line. \ Heroes \ … click on it and set the value UnlockAll true 2) To unlock the weapon, you need to find the line. \Unlocks\ … change the value AllUnlocked true in it.

That’s it, now you can use paid add-ons.

Perhaps there is a command to open a menu on the keyboard, but I can’t tell you here.

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