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You know how the biggest money is earned in the industry? First you need to find a successful idea. 1. Once. Then you can squeeze it again and again in endless sequels, triquels and some “Welcome”. Especially reliably scheme works with simple Tower Defense type toys.

First Toy Soldiers Demonstrated to the world its plastic essence in 2010. Players and critics then not to be delighted at all, but, in any case, very warmly accepted the idea of how to suspitic battles, whose participants were toy soldiers, toy turces and a couple of kudrome.

Following the original, Sikvel came pretty soon – TOY SOLDIERS: COLD WAR. Cold, or rather – very hot, the war in the performance of children’s toys, too, accounted for the taste of the audience. However, then there was a vague feeling: the idea of herself almost exhausted.

Does this mean that in the third embodiment of a series of lovers of novelty and originality, there is nothing to catch? Let’s try to find out.TOY SOLDIERS: War Chest game reviewThe same case when the cup may well be a strategic height.
Now – pink!

As in the previous parts of the series, we have to fight with hordes of the toy infantry, tanks, aviation, establishing a variety of turrets and artillery tools for this. That’s just if earlier we remained within the framework of the widely interpreted, but still historical realities, now we offer to completely go into amazingly absurd fiction of the children’s room.

Battles that are deployed in Toy Soldiers: War Chest, In fact, nothing but the “Open” game of two kids – brother and sisters. There are several toy sets at the disposal of these guys, among which the soldiers of the First World War, under the leadership of Kaizer Wilhelm and Multicolored Bear with Pink Pegasy – “subordinates” of the fairies named Starbert. Space Rangers easily fight with completely fantasy dragons and hawks, and in the role of the main protected base, the box is still performing a box from under the color of the color to which we are playing now.

Before the beginning of each round, we choose the hero to which the appropriate set of protective structures is attached. However, it is not necessary to think that this choice is still a fateful: in essence, only the colors and the entourage of our forces depends on it in the coming battle, but no battle qualities – at least the case concerns directly turrenels, with which we defendBase.

Do not shift

Basic claim K Toy Soldiers The previous spill was in the insufficient diversity of protective structures.

Unfortunately, in this sense, little has changed. We have as many as four types of turrets: anti-personnel, anti-tank, anti-aircraft gun and artillery. Aviation, then a captured enemy tank is added to this scarce quantity, then some gun that can be used only once a minute and a half with very questionable efficiency. No characteristic of the genre traps is not provided at all. Tour, however, can be improved by adding accuracy, or range, or slaughter power, or even some luck. “Upgrades” these are directly related to the “pumping” of the hero.TOY SOLDIERS: War Chest game reviewMulticolored bears and unicorn – terrible power.
Here, every playl character over time develops, gaining experience in battles and receiving bonuses as “adults” – those most improvements for guns and new grenades weapons. In addition, along with the accumulation of experience for each battle, and regardless of whether we won it or not, we give extra glasses coins, for which in the store is allowed to buy a variety of “buns”. Unobtrusive “Donat” is screwed here: Of course, the missing payment funds can be purchased for real money, if suddenly it is in our crazy head this desire.

Heroes, your way out!

Above we mentioned weapons for heroes. Does this mean that they also go to the battlefield?

Can. But not always and not when it fell, but only in a certain situation. The fact is that turrets are not only and not so much the “thing in themselves” from the series “Put and forget”, how much the opportunity to shoot yourself, driving any instrument to your taste. We literally find ourselves in some anti-aircraft installation, ourselves are ourselves, we ourselves get into the target and obediently waiting until the gun is automatically recharged.TOY SOLDIERS: War Chest game reviewMelting power of good and friendship!
First, it turns out more accurate and more efficient. Secondly, for those killed in this way, the fighters of the plastic front give a clearly more money, while the murders and destruction of the surroundings are the only way to replenish the treasury, due to which we, actually we can install the guns or improve them. Finally, thirdly, in the process of his own shooting of opponents, we gradually fill in the activity scale. This scale, in turn, allows us to call for a hero on the card with a big “gun” in the hands and a set of pomegranate on the belt, or to be imposed on enemies something intense with one day and therefore not too scary “warhead”, or at all arrange anyLocal Armageddon.

Driving the hero, by the way, markedly more fun than constantly shouting: “Fire!”, Sitting inside the turret. The commander is much stronger than most tools and the enemies will be able to scatter. But they are very rapidly called for a very long time: the same one and a half minutes – and everything, the pretty little by little, on themselves, guys. To re-ask the intercession from your leader, you need to go again to the machine and shoot, shoot, shoot in the opponents running and traveling.TOY SOLDIERS: War Chest game reviewMultifaceted cubes – terrible weapons. If you drop such a cube on the regiment of tin soldiers, few of them will remain persistent.
The trouble is that all these entertainment is clearly not enough to fully take the time and brain in an interesting gameplay. Turks are installed on a clearly defined “flower beds” – no freedom. Enemies usually crawls are also only four or five species, not counting the final “boss”. Tactics, as a rule, is to take all the slots to the tools in a uniform distribution, to get into them on time and how to work with the left mouse button – do not always be accurately aimed.

Back to the nursery

At the same time, the graphics, which seemed very decent for the genre in 2010 and 2011, today causes some bewilderment: these smeared texture we are seriously offered to consider the modern game picture? The map seems to be simply muddy, the detail is clearly not enough, and the eyes from a long contemplation Toy Soldiers: War Chest Bentally tired.

Noticeably annoying and unjustifiably long loading at all are not gigantic cards, and numerous bugs that do not allow, for example, in cooperative mode adequately gain experience with both players.

The only thing that could save the project is the global idea of a diversity of children’s toys, games in the “War”, fighting a bulldog with some kind of stupid, neither by setting the rhino.

That’s just this idea has already found my incarnation in the first two games of the series, let not be in such a bright, not in such an absurd key. As it turns out, the faces and transformers are clearly not enough so that the new release seemed to be discovered, and not just another finiteness of the old and slightly faded song.TOY SOLDIERS: War Chest game reviewThe more fun, the soldiers die – the more severe bonus we get for their extermination. However, it works only with his own shot.***
Toy Soldiers: War Chest – exactly the case when the developers were not able to enter the third time in the same river. The global idea in the fresh game is fully implemented more fully and bright than in the previous ones, but otherwise we are not too interesting, not too diverse, and sometimes even a frankly tedious representative of the genre.

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